HERE IT IS AT LAST! The sequel to John Stanley's "I Was a TV Horror Host" (2007) in which you will be exposed to nearly 800 photographs (many signed by movie and TV stars and in print for the first time) and around 80 monster-horror sketches, many taken from his "Creature Features Movie Guide" books. You will enter a unique realm of science-fiction, fantasy and horror . . . what Stanley considers his deepest (and sometimes funniest) one-on-one interviews. He enjoyed almost six years as "Creature Features" host in the San Francisco-Bay Area and 33 years as an entertainment writer at the San Francisco Chronicle. This blending of two careers is one unique and awesome mixture of gory joy. 

In the opening pages you'll learn how, beginning in 1998, Wilkins and Stanley (former hosts on Channel 2's "Creature Features" series, which ran for 14 years) "rose from the dead" and began appearing at special shows that attracted scores of their old fans.  Among those responsible were SCOTT MOON,  editor of "Planet X Magazine," and TOM WYRSCH, who published Wilkins and Stanley scrapbooks. A clan was formed that included Mr. Lobo, host of "Cinema Insomnia";  Will "The Thrill" Viharo and wife Monica, known as "The Tiki Goddess," who presented Wilkins-Stanley shows for years at the Parkway Theater in Oakland;  Bob Johnson, who produced horror and sci-fi shows Bob and John attended at the Castro and Balboa Theaters in San Francisco, as well as shows at the San Francisco Giants ballpark;  Lord Blood-Rah, aka Frank Wallace-Ailsworth;  Miss Misery, famous for "The Last Door" and "Movie Massacre" TV series. And Elvira, Mistress of the Dark, showed up a few times to liven things up in her semi-intellectual style. (What did she have that Bob and John didn't?)

Next up: Exclusives on leading figures in the film and TV world of yesteryear: ADAM WEST and BURT WARD in their  early days starring in TV's first "BATMAN"  series that ran from 1966-68.

STEPHEN KING: An interview early in his career about how he became a best-selling author  of horror. And you'll learn about his killer-car thriller "CHRISTINE," and what happened the day film producer RICHARD KORBETZ  drove the car onto Stanley's "CREATURE FEATURES" set.

RAY BRADBURY: One of America's leading sci-fi authors plunges into the depths of his imagination to explain to Stanley how he writes his novels and short stories. There has never been anything quite like it about this unique literary figure. 
ROBERT BLOCH: As with Bradbury, Stanley forces the author of "PSYCHO" to explore the inner workings of his mind and how many of his stories were created after a childhood of reading tons of fantasy/science-fiction books and magazines.

CHRISTOPHER REEVE, KIRK ALYN, GEORGE REEVES, DEAN CAIN: All played SUPERMAN in serials, films or TV series and Stanley shares their personal histories that'll take you up, up and away into an atmosphere above Metropolis!
NOEL NEILL, PHYLLIS COATES, TERI HATCHER: These were the beauties who portrayed leggy reporter LOIS LANE in serials, movies and TV episodes. 
Learn how FRANK OZ directed a new musical version of "LITTLE SHOP OF HORRORS."

Enter the L.A.  home of KAREN BLACK and her son HUNTER to learn how they fought off an alien attack in 1986's "INVADERS FROM MARS."
RIDLEY SCOTT is the Briton who directed "ALIEN" and went on to become a major producer-director. You'll meet this fascinating chap when he stopped over in San Francisco to promote the film's opening in the summer of 1979 and met Stanley at Dan Faris' Cinema Shop. 
CHRIS CARTER: The creator of "X-FILES," which ran on TV for more than a decade, explains how his curiosity of the unknown led to a deeply-profound series about UFOs and ETs.

You'll encounter producer IRWIN ALLEN (he turned out to be a nightmare for Stanley) and meet the stars of his popular fantasy series: "VOYAGE TO THE BOTTOM OF THE SEA" with RICHARD BASEHART and DAVID HEDISON; "LOST IN SPACE" with GUY WILLIAMS and JUNE LOCKHART; and JAMES DARREN in "TIME TUNNEL."

JULIE ADAMS: She reveals how a one-piece bathing suit changed her life forever when she swam into the clutches of THE CREATURE FROM THE BLACK LAGOON.  And learn why those beautiful legs of hers were insured by Lloyds of London.   So step on it and order this book as soon as you can. But wait, there's more:
STAN LEE: Meet the Marvel of Comic Books as far back as 1974 when he visited Stanley during a trip across American to discuss "SPIDER-MAN." And meet the first actor to portray Spidey in an historic TV series, NICHOLS HAMMOND. 
JOHN STANLEY'S FAMILY SECRET: Never before revealed.  Stanley's Great-Uncle GEORGE STANLEY is the man who designed the Academy Award aka the Oscar. No wonder John and his father Myron grew up with such a great love for motion pictures. It was in their blood. 
BRUCE LEE playing Kato on "THE GREEN HORNET" in 1966 and his son BRANDON LEE in 1992 in a new action movie . . . and then . . . SUDDEN DEATH!
BUSTER CRABBE discusses his early career as FLASH GORDON . . . and MAX VON SYDOW meets Stanley in 1980 as the evil emperor MING THE MERCILESS. 
Poems by STANLEY: "An Ode to Bob Wilkins," a tongue-in-check but factual tribute to the star "CREATURE FEATURES" host . . . "The Fright Before Christmas" . . . dedicated to Santa Claus portrayer MICHAEL MOORE. 
A-TO-Z FANTASYTHON: A collection of KENN DAVIS sketches taken from three of Stanley's "Creature Features Movie Guides" that will absolutely knock your socks off. 
In a graveyard in Colma, you'll meet "PHANTASM" director DON COSCARELLI and leading "Tall Man" ANGUS SCRIMM. It all keeps place inside a hearst!

You can order THE CAREER THAT DRIPPED WITH HORROR on this website through PayPal. Be sure to tell Stanley how you want the special signature page signed. Or you can get a signed book from John Stanley via check or money order at 1082 Grand Teton Drive, Pacifica CA 94044. Be sure to tell him how you want the book signed.  Copies (but unsigned) are also available on the Amazon website. The cost is $23.99 plus $5 for shipping and handling. 
That's a deal for a book so thick and so filled with revealing material and photographs about the stars of sci-fi/horror/fantasy  motions pictures and TV series.